We from Innovative Tech, believe in strengthening technical skillset towards innovation along with conventional job market needs. Industries today are looking for more creativeness in the day to day work activities of its operations instead of conventional procedural repeat processes. Our agenda is to guide training attendees to provide some insights on how to develop a wide variety of skills over a period of time. We allocate additional efforts on Time & Resource planning in design, develop and validate the ideas coming from training attendees based on their special interests.

Assistance offered on platforms like web application development, software tools for automated processes, IOT -Internet of Things to develop the ideas. Considering time constraints to meet the target dates projects are accepted in an outsourced mode of development by Innovative Tech people.

To add more value to our offerings on Innovation, some interesting ideas are already materialised and developed into working prototypes that are created based on requests coming from Industry professionals, Engineers and Technicians. Best examples are Automated Digital Marketing Platform, Low Cost Remote Access System for Home & Industries, Centralised Temperature Monitoring System, Captcha Decoder, Zero Touch Slide Display System, E-Commerce Grocery Store etc.