An idea in mind is a response to a situation that occurred in real time. A problem that has no solution around and some solutions that are barely satisfying the needs seeking better approach and methods to improvement are the key areas for Innovation. In ideal terms coming to a conclusion with the existing conditions and brainstorming through the different channels to build the idea at a high level view seems to be possible. Practically application of thoughts or ideas is a road with hurdles to cross at various stages. So what is the better approach to create a solution from an idea?

Innovative Tech will provide your a complete guidance in development of ideas and process to implement the ideas with right methods and tools. Though there are several ideas that look interesting and drag attention with impact it is going to make. However the feasibility of developing practical solution will be under scrutiny to solve complexities. Here comes the first step to guide you through the selection of idea based on the priority, cost involved, value it brings, volume of business or return value it generates at end. Idea selected undergoes development process by writing the problem statement and details to emphasize the real need of solving it. Different possible solutions are derived by analyzing the various conditions and results of application and combination of input variables is studied carefully. The best solution is selected based on individual case study to identify the cost effective, efficient process oriented, minimum resources used, cost involved in average short duration compared to other solutions.

From the solution chosen initial prototype is developed with least possible inputs. With this the wide scope of complete solution development is taken into consideration. Breakdown of the schedule and solution into small chunks with associated timelines are set. With this milestones come into picture at every stage of solution development and gives us the control of Idea development and its progress.

Implementation starts with proper planning of schedule, resources involved, timelines set for each milestone. Feedback process is crucial at every stage to make any corrections in the methods or tools for improvements. This will impact the following stages in terms of results and keeps the schedule on track without any deviation. Once the solution is ready trial process is started to understand the real time issues around the solution. It may range from couple of days to weeks to keep the solution under observation and make the corrections on the go if required. With the minimum error conditions occurred, solution is finally qualified and deployed.