Internet technology advancement in last 2 decades brought significant changes in using the technology at home. All the devices or equipment including home appliances are isolated and distributed across several physical locations. But IoT – Internet of Things brought them all together to one platform through Internet. Thanks to the internet inventors and developers today improving the speeds and performance everyday.

So what in connecting these devices together gives benefit to us at the end. Run the required functions remotely or monitor the devices whenever needed and from anywhere in this connected world. How cool this is increasing the room temperature at home or increase freezer temperature turn ON/OFF the oven, check the washing machine status, see whether lights are turned ON/OFF. This in turn makes effective utilization of energy resources and optimal usage of the devices. Don’t ask me if the home internet is down how do I manage the devices. Cool! there is a way.

Several Wifi Routers/modems in the market offering fall back option to 4G service on the modem. So still the devices are automatically switched between the primary and secondary networks based on priority and uptime & availability. IoT is not one technology, it is combined form of several technologies connected on Internet.